Monday, March 11, 2013

2013 Cultural Connections

 Greetings All,
We had a grand old time at the 2013 Cultural Connections at Dixon Elementary School.  Blondean (left) has gone off to Georgia.

Egypt (below center) has gone off to the far south-side to hang with Cathy Tompkins the collector extraordinaire.
Ife (below right) has join a great collection of Divas/doll at Frankie Anderson also on the south-side of Chicago.  Janira (below center) has gone to the northwest side to reside with the doctors Scott on Nashville who are friends from my early years and it was great seeing them again.

Cousin Minnie (left) and Poinsettia Flowers (right) have gone off to Ohio to reside there and their house-mate, Pro. Margaret Ismalia-Mitchell was just a delightful person to spend time with and I know that they shall be happy there.

Umeko (below) found a house-mate with a wonderful sister-friend-artist Felicia Grant-Preston who has taught me this last year to say I love you to more than just blood family.  Thank you to all who stopped by and I love you.

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