Monday, March 14, 2011

Road Trip/Cultural Connections

Greetings All,
Well we've rested from our road-trip this past weekend, unpacked, and some of our Divas have moved on, while other are in the waiting room anticipating their up coming new journeys. Below is Eureka (left) and her new housemate Arlanda (right), they will be residing on the far south-side, and both are very happy with the arrangement. Don't they look like family?

Artist Carolyn Elaine of "Studio Elaine Mosaic" (below left) and I where just hanging out talking, when this brother approached us, and asked to take our picture, so I wanted one of the blog. Two Divas hanging out with the "Darling Divas/Friends";-)

I love taking pictures of people and when I asked them, they wanted to take their pictures with the "Darlings" and so I clicked away. My quilting sister/friend, Dorothy Burg (below) came by and I asked to take her picture, well she posed with Valentine Jones and Janira just laid back and swooned. Valentine is on her way to Georgia to reside with Stacey Brown.

I don't remember this lovely person (right) name, but I asked to photograph her and she posed with the the "Divas/Friends". I also know that this live diva was from the group that came from Columbus, Ohio called "Champagne & Grits Studio". They create wonderful wearable art. Notice her jacket/hat.

Akosua (below center) is in the waiting room waiting to move to Hazelcrest, IL later this year, Obadiah-servant of God, is on his way to Georgia with Joyce Lomax, and Sojourner is gone to Calumet City, IL to co-habit with her new housemates. The "Darling Divas/Friends" are on the move.

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