Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Meet Enoch and Road Trip

Greetings All,
Meet Enoch (below center), "a man that walked with God". I don't know why my latest male dolls have these biblical names, but I'm not shying away from them. Enoch was my first beard and it will not be the last. I love men with hair on their faces and I guess that it's showing here with Brother Enoch.
On Sunday I went to the "Walking To Success: An Anthology of Black History" celebration at Loyola Park Fieldhouse. I took several of the Darling Divas/Friends with me and you know that they where a big hit as always. I also got a proposal that "Sojourner" (left) and "Kadijah" (right) come to the city of Calumet, IL to live later this year and now they are hanging out in the transition lounge awaiting their departure.

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