Sunday, January 30, 2011

Divas On The Move & "Masai" Powertex

Greetings All,

Saffornia (left) and Cece (below right) have found new house-mates and have moved on. Saffornia is now residing with Susan Trice on the south-east side of Chicago and Cece has moved to the far south suburbs to Olympia Field, IL with Cece and Preston Bowe.

I had dinner with Saffornia and friends at her new home and she just sat there so contently waiting for rooms to be prepared. She's such a diva.

Cece on the other hand had her had her house-mate to give me a call last night to say that she was very happy in her new home. I will get to visit later in the year and check out her new environment.

Below is a video on a product that I plan to try and thought that I would share it with my viewers. I hope that you find it as informative as I did. Enjoy;-)

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