Friday, March 26, 2010

Jael's new garments and new journey.

Greetings All,
Jael (left) has gotten a new tutu, leotard, and toe-boots and in the morning she will be off to her new family/home. Then new collecter is a young lady who I met before she was born. I mean she was in her mother wound when I met mom and she's 9 years old now and is a dancer. I love this fact, I love the new garments (made at the request of the young collecter) and I think that she's even more adorable if that could be possible. I also looked up the meaning of Jael and found out that she was a worrier woman and is celebrated in bible prophecy. "Blessed among women" (Judges 5:24). Have a great life Jael and thanks to the Hightowers for adding her to their family.

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