Tuesday, March 16, 2010

13th Annual Cultural Connections African Marketplace & Bazaar

Greetings All,
Well we are all refreshed after our first outing of the year. It was like a New Years celebration for me. Seeing old friends/collectors. The Divas/Friends where a smash hit with both males & females young and old. Some found new homes and are off on new journeys.

Kamryn is featured with her new housemates (left) Felicia and Ron Preston will be residing on the southside of Chicago and I know that she will enjoy being in their wonderful home. Felicia is a fabulous arts and I have her in my collections and will soon add a new piece.

Vibrant Velvet Jones (right) went off with Frank Frazier the noted artist who at the time was not sure when or where he was going, but he was taking her with him. Thank you so very much Mr. Frazier for your kindness.

Duchess (below) in all her gorgeousness went off to Georgia with Joyce Lomax of Jazzbon Creations for her mother and I have Joyces creations throughout my entire house and now I have new pieces to add to my collection of ceramics.
Philomena (left) found a new home here in Chicago with Ms. Cheryl D. Watkins. Jael (below center) is going to the southside home of Michelle Hightower who's daughter fell in love with and ask for only one thing to be changed and that is the color of her garments and we are working on that as we write. Marvelous Magdalena is going to Indiana to the home of Malyssa Steele and she too wanted to change the color of her garments to red/black to match her decor of her home and since she already owns one of my divas I could not refuse.

We had a wonderful time and I must start to create more Darling Divas/Friends for our next outing and I'll post pictures as they are completed. See you soon.

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