Friday, November 12, 2010

Illinois Artisans Program - Road Trip

The Illinois Artisans Program Home Decorating Art Spree is on Thursday and Friday, November 18-19, 2010 from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM in the James R. Thompson Center Atrium, 100 W. Randolph Street, Chicago, Clark/Lake Stop. Meet the following artisans, learn about their craft, and
purchase one of kind pieces:
Kathryn Collins, Chicago, Painting
Bud Greene, Highland Park, Jewelry
Ala Jaron, Chicago, Jewelry
Larry Kanfer, Champaign, Photography
LaVonne Nye, Lostant, Jewelry
Mary Obodzinski, Crystal Lake, Ceramics
Dennis O'Malley, Wilmette, Prints
Marie Polick, Northbrook, Jewelry
Jennifer Ridley, Chicago, Glass & Ceramics
Dale Sinderson, Harvard, Walking Sticks
Zofia Tomala, Chicago, Ceramics - November featured artist.
Trish Williams, Chicago, Wall hangings/Quilts/Dolls

Next month I will be the featured artist in the Illinois Artisans Shop and below are some of the items that will available. The Illinois Artisans Shop, a not-for-profit endeavor, is a showcase for art work created by the state's finest artisans. It provides an ongoing opportunity to view and purchase the best designed and crafted traditional, contemporary, ethnic and folk art made in Illinois. Illinois Artisans Shop, 100 W. Randolph, Ste. 2-200, 312-814-5321, Monday-Friday 9 - 5.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ethnic Arts Festival 2010

Greetings All,
Corinth (above left/center) got caught in the rain at the Ethnic Arts Festival and had to have a make-over (above right). This is the first time that I've been able to get close to copying one of my Divas and I think that I got pretty close. She was going on a go-see, but she didn't get chosen. Eunice (below bottom) however did get the call and is now living in Oak Park, IL with a wonderful artist Sylvia Hughes.
I think that I will create a new Diva using the head of the old Corinth and her name shall be Harlequin. I chose that name because her make-up looks abstract to me, but not like a clown and I love the sound of the word Harlequin. I will post pictures later.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Road Trip - 25th Annual Ethnic Arts Festival

Greetings All,
The Darling Divas/Friends are getting ready for a road-trip this weekend. They are headed for the 25th Annual Ethnic Arts Festival in Evanston, IL. We will be there two days, July 17th & 18th from noon until 7 pm so if you are in town stop on by and say hello. There will great arts, foods, and people. Eunice (right) got a slip under her skirt for this trip. I got tired of people misunderstanding who she was and I gave Saffornia (left)the beach chair since she's wearing a swimsuit.

I traded Kameryn with Felicia Grant- Preston (Felicia and Ron with Kam left) earlier this year I didn't pick up my piece until last month and I forgot to post it. The piece I got in exchange is a mix-media one with painted canvas, cloth, paper, gold leaf, shells, and buttons. Plus it's framed and I am over joyed. I love trading with artists who love my work and I love theirs. Thanks Felicia and Ron.

I did some changes to Eunice (left) and Saffonia (right). Eunice got a slip under her skirt because I got tried of people getting the wrong impression as to who she is and Saffronia got the beach chair instead of Lark. So we are off of another exciting weekend.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Road Trip - Juneteenth Celebration

Greetings All,
We are still here and preparing for a road trip this weekend. We are attending the Lake Meadows Art Fair Juneteenth Celebration here in Chicago and it's going to be a hot one and I'm glad about that. I've only made one new "Diva" lately and that's Saffronia (right). She's making her debut this weekend.

Empress (left) found a new home with Stephanie Mader when we did the 57th Street Community Art Fair earlier this month and I brought home some of her lovely wares (below). We seemed to had a green theme going. I love the little frogs that she creates on her pottery.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Magadlena new garments

Greetings All

Greetings All,
Check out Magdalena new garments. This was the request of her new house Malyass Steele. This way she will match the decor of Malyass's home. I chosed red/black satin for her wrap dress, stole with black fringe, and sandals. Red crystal and black seed beads where used to create her necklace. She still looks just as sassy as before.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Jael's new garments and new journey.

Greetings All,
Jael (left) has gotten a new tutu, leotard, and toe-boots and in the morning she will be off to her new family/home. Then new collecter is a young lady who I met before she was born. I mean she was in her mother wound when I met mom and she's 9 years old now and is a dancer. I love this fact, I love the new garments (made at the request of the young collecter) and I think that she's even more adorable if that could be possible. I also looked up the meaning of Jael and found out that she was a worrier woman and is celebrated in bible prophecy. "Blessed among women" (Judges 5:24). Have a great life Jael and thanks to the Hightowers for adding her to their family.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

13th Annual Cultural Connections African Marketplace & Bazaar

Greetings All,
Well we are all refreshed after our first outing of the year. It was like a New Years celebration for me. Seeing old friends/collectors. The Divas/Friends where a smash hit with both males & females young and old. Some found new homes and are off on new journeys.

Kamryn is featured with her new housemates (left) Felicia and Ron Preston will be residing on the southside of Chicago and I know that she will enjoy being in their wonderful home. Felicia is a fabulous arts and I have her in my collections and will soon add a new piece.

Vibrant Velvet Jones (right) went off with Frank Frazier the noted artist who at the time was not sure when or where he was going, but he was taking her with him. Thank you so very much Mr. Frazier for your kindness.

Duchess (below) in all her gorgeousness went off to Georgia with Joyce Lomax of Jazzbon Creations for her mother and I have Joyces creations throughout my entire house and now I have new pieces to add to my collection of ceramics.
Philomena (left) found a new home here in Chicago with Ms. Cheryl D. Watkins. Jael (below center) is going to the southside home of Michelle Hightower who's daughter fell in love with and ask for only one thing to be changed and that is the color of her garments and we are working on that as we write. Marvelous Magdalena is going to Indiana to the home of Malyssa Steele and she too wanted to change the color of her garments to red/black to match her decor of her home and since she already owns one of my divas I could not refuse.

We had a wonderful time and I must start to create more Darling Divas/Friends for our next outing and I'll post pictures as they are completed. See you soon.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

1st Road-trip of

Greetings All,
The Darling Divas/Friends are getting ready for their first road trip of 2010. Next weekend (March 12th & 13th) we will be in attendance at the Cultural Connections African Market Place & Bazaar along with a host of others. This is for me the beginning of the vending season and I hope/pray that if you are in the area come by and say hello. We will be at Dixon Elementary School, 8306 S. St. Lawrence Ave., Chicago, IL 60619. The hours are Friday, 11am - 8 pm, Saturday 9am - 7pm and for further information call 773-535-3834. I hope to see you there.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Greetings All,
Today is a bittersweet day for me thus far. I went class this morning and found out that my instructor Elizabeth Hughes died last night. This was a vibrant and energetic person who was also an awesome teacher. She will be greatly missed, please keep the Hughes family in your prayers. This was a shock and is the bitter part of my day.

The sweet part of my day that this is the birthday of my first born, Kemba Kazan Keen. This day brings back such memories as she has grown to this point of her life. I am so very grateful that she's my daughter and that I could not have asked for a better daughter.
Below is a diva that I created in honor of my real live darling diva and I've shipped her off to be with her namesake. I hope/pray these girls have a wonderful time getting to know each other. God bless and keep you Pooh on this birthday and all the days of your life.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Greetings All,
We are still here and doing well. I'm in school taking medical billing/coding classes and Spirit (left) on her way to Lexington, KY to a new home. I'm still working on my latest Diva Saffronia and should have her completed by the end of the week. I'm looking for fabrics that I can dress her in that are in the yellow range. For me sometimes it's harder to dress them than to make them. I will post later, now I'm on my way to do some review homework before today's class.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Divas Furniture

Greetings All,
I often look for furniture for my Divas/Friends and what I found is usually in the plant sections of stores. Here are two examples of items that I have use as stools.

Below are other examples that were found, but I couldn't see putting a plant on them, but the Divas look great.

In the past I did find some great doll furniture at discount store made by a company called Kingsgate, but couldn't find them on the web until now and can't wait until I can place an order.