Saturday, June 20, 2009

Road Trip

We were on the road last week June 18th & 19th at the State of Illinois Thompson Center in downtown Chicago, IL. The Illinois Artisan Program have what the call sprees and this was a 1st for us and we will do it again if we can. I met some wonderful artisans and saw some old friends and co-workers (below in the red tee-shirts), they along with others were protesting the budget cuts that the state is making with all of the social services that are needed. In the mist of all of the protesting came a young lady with a beautiful Peony that I just had to take a picture of.

I met an artist named Johanna Patricia Vargas and do go to her web site and check out her work. We have formed a mutual admiration society.
I love the design of the Thompson Center (below) and even when it rain and the rain comes into the building. There are small birds that have made their homes in the atrium and fly around at will. There is also tons of public art in this building so if you come to town and can please go a visit.

I love jewelry and these two were so very gracious and their jewelry was just so fabulous. La Vonne Nye (below) creates fine silver, gold, and bronze and uses vintage beads.

Lillian Cartwright was just a fabulous as her creations. She share so much of her knowledge about the sprees and her creations. Click on their cards or name to visit their websites or the artisan gift shop if you are in town. Some of the other artist that were involved with this event were John Ferguson, Colleen Feratier, Scott Fincher, Mike Nichols, Jewell Pates, and Karen Snow. Jewell is a member of Artisans 21 Gallery and this is one of the oldest cooperative art galleries owned and operated by 20 artists and artisans in the country. So if you are in town do stop by and be enchanted.