Sunday, August 2, 2009

Artisans 21 Gallery

I just got back from Artisans 21 Gallery dropping off Rob and Empress and some of my small wall hangings to add to my inventory. Also I needed to do some paperwork. So now it's official that I am a member of the gallery. I'm so excited because I'm in such great company. Dorri Ellis, Joy Rosner, Candy Shweder, Janice Tedesco, Paul Jeselskis, Lynne Terr, Marianne Hammett, Jewell Pates, Lois Stone, Rob Borja, Barbara O"Connor, Harry Meyer, Anita Garrison, Pat Rosenzweig, Susan Windsor, Penny Nichols, Terry Boykin, Judith Guajardo, Jim and Chris Freeburn, Mary Ellen Sisulak, Anne Amas, Frazzled Tiles, and Donna Joy Wolfe.

Before I left I found earrings for two of my divas. Empress (left) and Pumpkin (right) and I love the way they enhance their features.

Empress (below) found a new friend with Dorri and I hope a new home soon. I know you ask how can I part with them. Well I want them to have lives of their own and not to stay with me forever. It's just like with my children I want them to grow and have lives away home.

I am amazed that the last past two months I met Jewell and Terry at different events for the first time and Anita I have known for years, but not at Artisan. Now we are all at Artisans. Life never ceases to amaze me and I thank God. This is going to be a good journey.

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