Thursday, May 22, 2008

Whats new

Greetings All,

I've completed several dolls that I had started a while back and I switch wardrobe with Skylar (left). I have a collector who want one of my "Glam Squad" dolls. She like the costume of Carmella (right), but she has blond locks and wanted her doll to have them.

"Perri" (left) was created to meet that client needs.
The newly dress Skylar (right) has on a lace long gown with matching panties and robe of duchess satin. I added a glass beaded collar and I'm not sure about slippers yet.

I have also finished another one of my dancer and this one is name "Ruby" (left). These dolls in this series are all named after gemstones and dress accordingly. She dose not stand on her own. I just thought it was more dramatic to have her standing and now I need to work that out, will it be a store bought doll stand or will I create one. We shall see.

Finally I competed my first pregnant doll "Meron" (below) who was inspired by Patricia Coleman-Cobb call a "Pocketful of Miracles". Someone asked if I had made this type of doll before and I had not, so this was a challenge for me. Meron is dress in silks of sand color (robe/bra) and a plaid silk for her pants. I'm not sure about her slippers and I have work to do on her navel.