Friday, April 11, 2008

New Family Members

Greetings All,
I have been busy creating new "Divas" since all the other darlings are off to St. Charles. I'm going out vending this Sunday at the Helen Bailey's "Urban Livin' Spring Home/Garden Show. You may ask what or why would I go there? I'm showing my divas and art quilts there along with another fiber artist and since it is a "home" show some people will be looking to purchase art and accessories. So I hope/pray that some of the girls will find new homes. Also I will be doing a fiber art postcard demo.

My new family members are Skyla (above left) and Kamryan (right). Skyla is dress in silk duponi that is a wonderful shade of blue with and undertone of red. I love the iridescence of this fabric. She is wearing a long wrap robe with matching pajama pants and slippers. Kamryn is dressed in black lace. She wears a long tank top gown with a side slit and matching robe and slippers. I also created a cute lace panties.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Divas/Friends Great Adventure

Greetings All,
The Divas/Friends are off on a great adventure in St. Charles, IL at the Bridges Gallery. Rowena Salas and Richard Sperry are the owners and they graciously invited us to participate in the Sisters Weekend. The girls looked like they were going to enjoy their stay. I did get a chance to finish Lark (right) with her painted green metallic boots. She sits in a blue toilel wing back chair. I even took the last of the "Glad Rag Klan" wire wrapped ragged dolls (below from left to right Pinky, Maize, and Limey). I also took a few small wall hangings. So I hope/pray that this will be a good venture for all of us. We are in great company at the Bridges Gallery. I will keep you posted.