Thursday, March 6, 2008


Greetings All,

A wonderful woman by the name of Michele Hardman has commission me to make some garments for her and I'm loving it because she dose not hem (smile) me in by sticking to just commercial patterns. I can cut and sew what I want with some freedom. I can dye the fabric and I can just be as creative as I can. I love the fabrics that she has chosen and I'm having a ball. Most of the garments are simple in their construction because of my love affair with the cloth and I want to showcase it, plus I love to see it flow as you move.

She bought some silk scarfs prints by Salvador Ferragamo in cream/taupe (center/right) and I dyed them in one of her favorite color turquoise (left). I made round neck tunics with side slits and cropped pants with pockets. I hope I can get a photo with her in one of these for my blog.

The next pantsuit with a long ankle length tunic/pants (left). This tunic has a slit neck line and long sleeve. I has an Moroccan flavor and I love the colors and the feel of the fabric because it drapes of nice.She bought several burn-out velvet and one was with a plume design in cream and I dyed it reds and oranges (right). I'm in the process of making a slip dress for her to wear under this dress or alone. The dress has a hankie hem line and the slip will be even.
This 3-pcs (left) was made with a poly/rayon print with embroider flowers/leaves that had a rag-edge on them that I chose to use the wrong side for the coat and with the v-neck tunic/pant I use the correct side of the fabric. Michele brought a Vogue pattern number V8268 for this ensemble.
This Southwest colored pantsuit is made of another lite weight silk and I created another long tunic with a hankie hem line with a asymmetrical neck . This will move as tho there is a nice warm breeze blowing around her and feel so very sensual. I have enjoyed this experience more than any other custom sewing project that I had thus far. I got some other fabrics in dye baths and need to go and check on their status and will post more later. Thank you again Michele Hardman.

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