Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The New Divas/Friends

Greetings All,

I have been busy making new "Divas/Friends" getting them ready to make a trip to St. Charles, IL at the Bridges Fine Art Gallery. This will be their first trip and they will be a part of an "Divas" exhibition, April 11-13, 2008 for "Sister's Weekend". I'm so excited and if you are in the neighborhood do stop by and check out the gallery and Divas/Friends.

The Jones girls where the first to be created and they are Velvet (left) and Valentine (right) Jones. These divas are sisters and they love to being seen. Velvet is wearing a silk jumpsuit with a embroider organza duster with rhinestones and sparkles. Her hand painted gold slipper have rhinestone and beaded embellishment. Valentine is wearing a snakeskin printed long tank dress with side slit and a Kente Cloth woven duster that is satin line and she has a matching stole.

"Cree" (left) is my Native American inspired diva wearing a suede fringed dress with leather boots/belt. She also has a Mud-cloth stole and Pony bead necklace. She is seated on a Willow bench. I love Kathy's native doll from our of DJWHF meeting earlier this month and this is my tribute to her.

"Jade" (right) inspiration comes from just her name. I wanted to create a green eyed diva wearing green and Jade was born. S he wears a jumpsuit with matching long robe and she also has hand painted ballet slippers.

"Peaches" (left) like Jade it's all about the name and color. I keep a list of names for my divas and I look at that list for inspiration and create from there. Peaches wears a burnt orange long gown with side slit and matching short robe. She also has hand painted slippers and comes with her own chair that I've re-covered the cushions to coordinate with her garments.

"Spirit" (right) is dressed in a red satin jumpsuit that is backless and has an over skirt that ties in the front. I'm still not sure about her shoe as of yet. She also come with a chaise that I posted earlier and she looks just stunning laying there all relax.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Greetings All,

The Darling Divas/Friends and been out an on display this weekend and some are no longer member of my family. It was great to see them go off to new places/spaces. They are going to the south (Georgia) and all around town in Chicago-land. I also got several commission for others dress in certain colors and one who shall be pregnant. Below are some of those that have deiced to go off on their own. I didn't get a chance to take my latest diva "Precious" picture, but she's out there sitting on the sofa in Karen's living room. I hope/pray that they are all enjoyed as much as I have enjoyed in their creation.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Greetings All,

A wonderful woman by the name of Michele Hardman has commission me to make some garments for her and I'm loving it because she dose not hem (smile) me in by sticking to just commercial patterns. I can cut and sew what I want with some freedom. I can dye the fabric and I can just be as creative as I can. I love the fabrics that she has chosen and I'm having a ball. Most of the garments are simple in their construction because of my love affair with the cloth and I want to showcase it, plus I love to see it flow as you move.

She bought some silk scarfs prints by Salvador Ferragamo in cream/taupe (center/right) and I dyed them in one of her favorite color turquoise (left). I made round neck tunics with side slits and cropped pants with pockets. I hope I can get a photo with her in one of these for my blog.

The next pantsuit with a long ankle length tunic/pants (left). This tunic has a slit neck line and long sleeve. I has an Moroccan flavor and I love the colors and the feel of the fabric because it drapes of nice.She bought several burn-out velvet and one was with a plume design in cream and I dyed it reds and oranges (right). I'm in the process of making a slip dress for her to wear under this dress or alone. The dress has a hankie hem line and the slip will be even.
This 3-pcs (left) was made with a poly/rayon print with embroider flowers/leaves that had a rag-edge on them that I chose to use the wrong side for the coat and with the v-neck tunic/pant I use the correct side of the fabric. Michele brought a Vogue pattern number V8268 for this ensemble.
This Southwest colored pantsuit is made of another lite weight silk and I created another long tunic with a hankie hem line with a asymmetrical neck . This will move as tho there is a nice warm breeze blowing around her and feel so very sensual. I have enjoyed this experience more than any other custom sewing project that I had thus far. I got some other fabrics in dye baths and need to go and check on their status and will post more later. Thank you again Michele Hardman.