Thursday, March 29, 2007

Glam Squad - The Beginnings

Greetings All,

I've been busy with my dad and I have been busy creating a new series of doll. The Glam Squad that's their name. I even made a trip to the beauty supply store for these divas. I bought hair and eyelashes and some fishnet stockings. Thus far I've only gotten the bodies done and here's a preview.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Textural Rhythms: Quilting the Jazz Tradition

Greetings All,
Textural Rhythms arrived yesterday and I spent a great part of the evening reading and looking at some awesome works of fiber art. I'm so very glad to be a part of this wonderful book and for the hard work and dedication of Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi. The colors, images, and stories I just love. I can hear the music playing as I journey through the book and I so very proud to be a part of it. You can get your copy on Amazon.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Vending day 2

Greetings All,
Well it turned out to be a great weekend for the "Darling Divas/Friends" so many found new assignments and went off to wonderful girlfriends. "Queen Mali" is reigning in a different land where she will not be a stranger. "Inky" from the "Last of the Rainbow Klan" (left) has a new home and I found out that one of her relative is already there waiting for her with open arms. I also learned that some people like to hang them on the walls so I shall come up with a new doll or revise my "Wall Flowers" which where my first dolls that I made. I learned even more that the glamorous divas where the most popular so there will be a new series title the "Glam Squad" and you will see more of them to come later this month.

I did sell several of my wall hangings and one lap quilt. I did more trading with other artists this time than ever before and I have some wonderful new items to add to my collection and home.

Joyce Lomax and I did such a great trade that I have to
share photos with you. I got mugs, a vase and a bread plate (above). Joyce got a small wall hanging (left) and Ms. Mercy (right). Last year Joyce and I traded work and we both where very happy with the exchange.

Deborah Shedrick of New York and Atlanta we traded a quilt called "Chi-Town Viney Wine" (above center) for one of her great giclee print that will grace my home.

Stacy Brown of Hot-Lanta also traded with me for one of my garment, which I didn't take a photo of for some of his water color prints that will be given away as gifts. You can check out Stacey at I love his work and have it throughout my home and all of these great artist help make my house more of a home because they grace it with their creativity.

My last trade or collaboration is with Malika Jackson on of the coordinator of the "Cultural Connections" which is the name of the event where I was vending at this pass weekend. She is the art teacher at the Dixon Elementary School where this event was held and she's a very talented artist in her own right. I also have several of her piece in my collection and this new wooden sculpture is pure joy with it's two sidness. We will also be working on so art dolls together. I will create the bodies and clothing and she will create the faces. More to come as the saga unfolds.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Greetings All,

Well yesterday was my 1st day of vending for this weekend and the "Divas/Friends" were a great big hit. Queen Angola (right) has found a new community to rule over with her royal self. Also Queen Mozambique (left) has left the palace and is ruling a new territories. Queen Mali (center) is waiting for her new assignment. These are just three in my series of "African Queens". We hope/pray that they may live long.

There were new homes found for Ms. Mercy (right) who is one of the "Blessing Sisters" she will be going to Georgia and I'm not sure what city. I know that she will be well received there. Everyone loved her red silk jumpsuit with matching slippers and her flowing African printed robe. Only her sister Ms. Favor (left) is left alone. Ms. Grace (center) found a new home at the "Sherman Elementary School Heritage Festival" last February and I saw her new girl friend yesterday and she told me she's a delight to have in her home.

The "Soulful Strings" are also off too new destinations. The trio had split last summer when there sister Sable (left) found a new home at the "Lake Meadows Art Festival" and this time it was Sepia (center) and Sienna (right) turns. Let the music play on. Well I'm off to see what happens today with the Darling Divas/Friends and I'll keep you posted.