Tuesday, February 27, 2007

5th and final week at the "Open Studio".

Well this is the end of this journey and an interesting one it has been. Today I had more people to come in than any other day and most were men which I found very surprising. They were asking about the dolls. They thought that they were great and that their wives, bosses, and girlfriends would love them. They bought none, but I did sale one of my "Dream Keepers". Eartha is her name and she's found a new home with Sonja. This made my day and I also started a another wall hanging for my "Color Play" series. Tomorrow I will go back to the studio a pack everything up and bring home to sort for my next vending event.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

PAQA-Water Challenge

Greetings All,
PAQA-Water Challenge is on display at the Fine Line Art Center in St.Charles, IL. Show runs form February 26 until April 2, 2007. This challenge was brought to the group by Frieda Anderson fiber artist/author/teacher. "In the PAQA tradition of encouraging our members to explore new territory, the eighth PAQA challenge explores WATER. The requirements were simple. The quilts had to interpret "WATER", be no larger than 18" per side and include a self portrait." I am excited about being a part of this group of wonderful and talent artists and grateful to be in this exhibition. I pieced various shades of blue fabrics (cotton and satin) and then I overlaid polyester sparkling organza and machine quilted this piece. After which I cut open some of these quilted areas and machine washed/dried the piece. After washing I squared up the piece and bound the edges and finished it off by adding glass seed beads.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

4th Week - Open Studio

Greetings All,
This pass week was warmer and more people came by the studio. I also got another piece done which will become another series of pieces titled "Color Play". They will include my hand dyed fabrics as the back-grounds, variegated threads and some type of ethnic prints (African, batiks, etc,) They will be heavily quilted to add more texture and color. The one thing that I have enjoyed about this experience has been being able to get new works done and the influence of an environment that is different from where I normally work. Would I do this again? I'm not sure that I would. It was like working in a fish bowl and sometime that can be distracting.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

3rd & 4th Week - Open Studio


I'm coming to a close at the "Open Studio" I have two more days and it's over. I has been very interesting thus far. On this past Tuesday I completed a new work. It's in my series titled "Urban Bush Mask" and this one is number four. This one is all about the color. I chose green because I'm looking forward to the spring and when I think spring I think green. Even tho we had all that snow on the ground. But today there is a lot less snow. I've not be creating any dolls during my time in the studio because I was asked as a quilter to exhibit/reside. However I have been working on them at home and will post later this week. The doll have been the drawing point to the studio. On this pass Tuesday more people came in and I have a couple of them that said they would be back to purchase, so we shall see.

I did get another piece completed this week. My daughter had requested a wall hanging with a mother coming her daughter hair and so I created "Please Hold Still". I used some of my hand dyed fabric along with some photo transfer of my children as little one and I included a picture of my grandchildren. The fabric that I used for the mother's dress is actully an African Wax print from one of my garment that I had made when my children were younger. This was a true labor of love.

"Stitching Salon" has been such a big hit at the tourism center that it's been extended for another month so if you are in downtown Chicago stop by and check out all the great art and join in the knitting project/demo that are going on.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Week 3 in the Open Studio

Well this week is over and the fish bowl continues. It has not been as cold and I've learn how to substitute the heat. I've been able to work and I've completed a piece that I started in 2004 titled "Mommy and Me". I have also started a new piece for my daughters Kemba's birthday next month. The piece that I'm doing for Kemba is along the same theme of "Mommy/Me" and I love what's happening with it thus far. I did however sale one of my small wall hangings with week and a postcard. The piece that I sold is one in a series of pieces called "Wedggies". They are piece that I make and then cut up and reconstruct. I got this inspiration from Sonji Hunt who's work I just love and when I saw one of her piece where she had done the cutting/reconstructing I was wondering if I would be able to do so. My pieces are not as detail as hers but I think I can go further on the next attempt.

Here the picture of the one that I did do and it's call "Red Wedggie". Patrick McCoy who's a collector/supporter of the local artists community is the new owner and he also purchased one of my postcard. He was amazed that you could mail them without an envelope and that they would go thru the mail. I hope/pray that his make it to it's destination. No new dolls/divas this week only accessories for the "Dream Keepers" and a possibility of "Aurora" finding a new home. I will know more about that later today. I'm doing a Chicago Park District's Area 1 annual celebration of African American History "Umoja" event where I'll be vending for the first time pulling out all my goodies (dolls, garments, gourds, pillows, quilts) for show/sale. I hope/pray that all goes well. A lite snow is falling now so we shall see. I will take pictures and keep you posted.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Textural Rhythms: Constructing the Jazz Tradition

Last night was the opening for Textural Rhythms: Constructing the Jazz Tradition exhibition that I'm a part of in Columbus, Ohio at the Kings Art Complex. I'm so very glad to be a part of this awesome exhibition and if you are in the area please go/see the show. Also you can check our Sonji Hunt's blog she is also a part of the show and was there for the opening. She has photos and comments. The book (Textural Rhythms: Construction the Jazz Tradition) will be out in a couple of week and you can order from Amazon or Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi who curated this wonderful exhibition. Thank you Dr. Mazloomi for all of your hard work. This is the piece that I have in the show.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Week 2 in the "Open Studio".

Well yesterday I finished my first full week at the "Open Studio" in downtown Chicago, IL at 179 N. State Street. I'm there two day per week for the month of Febuary from noon to 4 pm.

It was cold and like sitting in a fish bowl working and I did very little work on Tuesday because of the cold, but Thursday I got quite a bit done becasue I brought a small heater from home and I kept my feet toasty/warm.

I start quilting on a wall hanging. The Open Studio space is about my art quilting and I plan to use this time to complete two old projects and to start two new ones. One is for my daughter and it will be about a mother combing her daughter's hair. The other will be for my son and it will be about Chicago. However I do have some of my "Darling Divas" hanging out with me while in the studio and they are loving all the attention they are getting. The space would be empty without them.
The "Glad Rag Klan" are hanging out along the window ledges and all is well.