Monday, September 17, 2007


I have been busy, but not with my Divas. I don't know what's happening with me about the dolls. I'm in a creative slump. I have a group of queens that went to Indy and they've not come home yet. They didn't sale and they only got a few inquires. I think that I'm missing them. It's not like when they are sold, I know that they are not coming home, but these are just out there. One of my friends did go and pick them up from the gallery where they were, but they are still not home.

I've been working on my wall art and have done a weekend of vending with the "Nubian Quilters Collaborative". We get together once a year and create blocks of a quilt that we donate to "Africa House International". That was as interesting as always and we will produce another quilt for such a wonderful cause.

I have started a new series of what I call my "clip-art pieces". They are all small and they are all about musicians. I find different images in my "clip-art" files. I'm using my hand dyed fabrics (silk and cottons) and dyeing more as often as I can. I'm loving it because I can complete one small piece in a day.

I also started a series of pieces that focus on the elements and these are larger works. Behold "Earth and Wind" (left/below). Fire is on the sewing machine as I write. They do have faces like I create on my dolls and also have hair. This is as close as to creating one of my darling divas as I have gotten. I don't like being in a slump, but this is were I'm at for now.

I also created another piece of an exhibition that I want to enter. It's something new in the sense that I used some window screen material as a part of my fabric selection. The titled of this piece is "Lost and Found" (below). It's inspiration comes from the "Lost Boys of the Sudan" and the young men/boys that I see in my city standing on corners.

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