Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'm Here.

Greetings All,
I've been MIA lately because my dad got sicker and died. It has not been as trying as I thought it would be. Now I know that he's out of pain. He had prostrate cancer that had spread and had to have a Cather put in place and he was in a great deal of pain. He also had Alzheimer which didn't make things any better, because he could not understand all things that were happening to him. He was 82 years young and had live a pretty good life up until the last two years when things started to go the other way. He has been missed because of the Alzheimer, we couldn't talk like we use to or go and hang out. This photo is one of the last ones that I have that we were hanging out together at a jazz fest that I was vending at. He had a ball for getting so much attention and know that I was a "real artist". Dad thank you for the wonderful comment and you will be missed, but do rest in peace.

Sunday, July 8, 2007


I have not forgotten y'all. I've been very busy. I have been going to the hospital to see my dad and he's not doing so good right now. Yesterday a met with the hospice nurse because that will be the next step. I've not been making dolls, but I have been making wall hangings. I find more comfort in doing them at this time. At the left-"Step On" and at the right "Summer Solstice Celebration".

I have all these doll heads/parts but no completed dolls other "Sparkle" (left). She was my last month challenge for DJWHF-club and yesterday I missed the meeting, so I'm feeling a not complete at this time. I can't wait until they post photos of the meeting.