Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Monthly meeting of PAQA

Greetings All,
Today was my monthly meeting for
PAQA and I'm always glad that I can make that meeting. I come away inspired, encouraged and renewed. It's one of my monthly fixes. Today I saw so many wonderful creations and one in particular I was glad to see way by Judy Coates Perez "Arbol de Vida" (left). I love Judy's work because it is so very cutting edge. She paints whole cloth and then quilts them to perfection and this piece will be seen in the "International Quilt Festival in Huston, TX later this year. Judy's work is also featured in "Quilter Newsletter" and "Artella".
She is just awesome. I was also glad to meet Casey Puetz (right). I got some wonderful advice on some of the piece that I took for and some good comments. I love being a part of this group and I thank them so very much for their input. I also would like to thank Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi for suggesting that I check out some of the groups in my area. Also Casey purchased a small piece of mine and that made my day (left). Last month Sandy Schweitzer got a small piece from me also and gave me so very valuable advice. The fact that these artist who teach and exhibit all over the world would buy a piece from me means a great deal to me and I'm greatful.
I also got some great advice from Judy Zoelzer Levine, Sharon Malec, Lois Jarvis, and if I forgot anyone I'm so sorry, but all I can say it this is an awesome group to belong to. Thank you PAQA and Dr. Mazloomi. Four of my small works (below) are off the be on exhibit I hope in a Champlain headquarter thanks to Michele Hardman who is volunteering for this person. More info to come later once it's been confirmed. It was a great art quiting day and worth the ride. My cup running over.

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