Wednesday, June 27, 2007


"The Breakers" (left) is my latest piece. I have fell in love with creating small works. Pieces that I can create in a day. This one is all hand dyed and machine quilted. I love the colors. The cotton sky/sea are dyed by me and the rocks is a recycled rayon that was given to me by a good encourager Bernice Gardner.

The next piece is titled "Three Rivers" and it was named in honor of Walterine Keen who is a ex-sister-in-law who was very kind to me/my children. I was thinking about her/her husband and their farm and the town of "Three Rivers". This was all so very long ago and rows upon rows of crops. The hand dyed sky/waters are the same cotton fabrics in both pieces. The green silk was hand dyed by Marion Anderson and then over dyed by myself. These small works give me such a since of accomplishment and satisfaction at the end of a day. They are simple in their construction, but it's all about the color for me in this process.

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