Friday, April 20, 2007

What's up.

Greetings All,
Well yesterday I only go Ms. Citrine partly dress. I created her a silk skirt and head wrap, a "Mud Cloth "top and stole and added her beaded collar. I still have her shoe to make and to paint her toes and fingers. I did however go to a friends house to collect a bag of dolls that were created by an aunt over thirty yeas ago. They are rag dolls that all have hand embroider faces with rug yard for hair. I love the impish expression and the detail to their clothing. My job is to restore the clothing if I can't clean them and to do some small repairs to the body. I would like to try and clean the bodies also and one of them is not dress so I'll try on him first and it that dose not work I just stick to their clothing. They appear to be stuff with small piece of foam and it's breaking down. So we shall see. The gourds I have broken the arms of two of them and now I'm trying to come up with another method of making them. I have started painting one with the broken arms and the one that I created the arm by using wooden dowels is alright.

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