Saturday, March 10, 2007


Greetings All,

Well yesterday was my 1st day of vending for this weekend and the "Divas/Friends" were a great big hit. Queen Angola (right) has found a new community to rule over with her royal self. Also Queen Mozambique (left) has left the palace and is ruling a new territories. Queen Mali (center) is waiting for her new assignment. These are just three in my series of "African Queens". We hope/pray that they may live long.

There were new homes found for Ms. Mercy (right) who is one of the "Blessing Sisters" she will be going to Georgia and I'm not sure what city. I know that she will be well received there. Everyone loved her red silk jumpsuit with matching slippers and her flowing African printed robe. Only her sister Ms. Favor (left) is left alone. Ms. Grace (center) found a new home at the "Sherman Elementary School Heritage Festival" last February and I saw her new girl friend yesterday and she told me she's a delight to have in her home.

The "Soulful Strings" are also off too new destinations. The trio had split last summer when there sister Sable (left) found a new home at the "Lake Meadows Art Festival" and this time it was Sepia (center) and Sienna (right) turns. Let the music play on. Well I'm off to see what happens today with the Darling Divas/Friends and I'll keep you posted.

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