Friday, February 9, 2007

Week 2 in the "Open Studio".

Well, yesterday I finished my first full week at the "Open Studio" in downtown Chicago, IL at 179 N. State Street. I'm there two days per week for the month of February from noon to 4 pm.

It was cold and like sitting in a fishbowl working and I did very little work on Tuesday because of the cold, but Thursday I got quite a bit done because I brought a small heater from home and I kept my feet toasty/warm.

I start quilting on a wall hanging. The Open Studio space is about my art quilting and I plan to use this time to complete two old projects and to start two new ones. One is for my daughter and it will be about a mother combing her daughter's hair. The other will be for my son and it will be about Chicago. However, I do have some of my "Darling Divas" hanging out with me while in the studio and they are loving all the attention they are getting. The space would be empty without them.
The "Glad Rag Klan" are hanging out along the window ledges and all is well.

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