Saturday, February 17, 2007

Week 3 in the Open Studio

Well this week is over and the fish bowl continues. It has not been as cold and I've learn how to substitute the heat. I've been able to work and I've completed a piece that I started in 2004 titled "Mommy and Me". I have also started a new piece for my daughters Kemba's birthday next month. The piece that I'm doing for Kemba is along the same theme of "Mommy/Me" and I love what's happening with it thus far. I did however sale one of my small wall hangings with week and a postcard. The piece that I sold is one in a series of pieces called "Wedggies". They are piece that I make and then cut up and reconstruct. I got this inspiration from Sonji Hunt who's work I just love and when I saw one of her piece where she had done the cutting/reconstructing I was wondering if I would be able to do so. My pieces are not as detail as hers but I think I can go further on the next attempt.

Here the picture of the one that I did do and it's call "Red Wedggie". Patrick McCoy who's a collector/supporter of the local artists community is the new owner and he also purchased one of my postcard. He was amazed that you could mail them without an envelope and that they would go thru the mail. I hope/pray that his make it to it's destination. No new dolls/divas this week only accessories for the "Dream Keepers" and a possibility of "Aurora" finding a new home. I will know more about that later today. I'm doing a Chicago Park District's Area 1 annual celebration of African American History "Umoja" event where I'll be vending for the first time pulling out all my goodies (dolls, garments, gourds, pillows, quilts) for show/sale. I hope/pray that all goes well. A lite snow is falling now so we shall see. I will take pictures and keep you posted.

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