Friday, January 26, 2007


Greetings All,
This is my entry into the world of blogs. I've put this off for a while thinking that this is not something that I need to add to my life. Yes I do!
I'm a fiber artist/quilter and also I make cloth dolls and was trying to figure out how could I let others know when I've created a new doll with out sending out email notices and I had just finished my daily reading of other blogs and the thought came why not create you own blog that would only focus would be your dolls?

My new series of dolls are called "Dream Keepers". They are angels and their duties are to collect our bad/negative dreams and only allow the good ones into our lives. They are handmade and colorfully dress. They may have some of the artist hand dyed fabrics incorporated into their clothing and they are one of a kind. They are alphabetically named and there will be 26 in this series.

Aurora is number 1 and she is dressed in pinks/blues.

Bliss is next and she is wearing yellows/greens. I hope/pray that you enjoy them.


Maryellen said...

Hi: I love your dolls. Welcome to art doll makers. I'm sure all the other members will enjoy your dolls too. i live in oswego out by naperville. perhaps one of these years we can start a doll group. Now with kids at home I have to be at home.

Trinap said...

I commissioned 2 dolls from Trish last year. They are fabulous. I am looking forward to adding to my collection. I live in CT, so don't let distance keep you from doing the same.